Napa Women's Club 2015-16

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Napa Women's Club Evening Edition 
is Awarded by the Federation of Women's Clubs:
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 A Lecture at Stanford University:  "Sisters in Health" Teaches us that Friends are good for our health
Calendar & Events
Are you a potential guest, would you like to come to one of our meetings or events? Look at our calendar dates below and come meet us! 
Are you a potential speaker/entertainer/non-profit that would like to come and present to our members?  Contact us to inquire about in our schedule:

Friend raiser= 9/15/15 at the Clubhouse

General Meetings= 9/22,10/27, 12/1, 1/26, 2/23, 3/22, 4/26, 5/24

End of Year Member's Only= 6/14- Location TBD 

The Different Meetings:
Evening Edition's General Meetings:
Evening Edition's General Meetings:
Meetings are held at the club house from 6-8pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month from Sept thru May, except Nov and Dec.; the themed meeting includes dressing up (optional) dinner, wine, speaker or entertainment and an opportunity drawing raffle.
Evening Edition's Friend-Raiser
Evening Edition's Friend-Raiser
The Friend-Raiser is the 3rd Tues of Sept from 6-8pm at different local spots annually. This is when we shine for our guests and budding new members.
EE Members Only End of Year Party
EE Members Only End of Year Party
Meets in the evening the 2nd Tuesday in June, Location TBD each year. This is when we celebrate our club's contribution to our clubhouse & selected non-profit for the year.
Day Time Group General Meetings
Day Time Group General Meetings
Are held at the Club House at 11:30 on the 2nd Tuesday of each month Sept thru May, except Nov and Dec., and includes a luncheon.
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